Thursday, May 19, 2016

Seasons Along 8 Mile

soon....we may leave Los Angeles, this place that has fed us and burned us and loved us and hurt us and humbled us and strengthened us.  we have been sensing a potential call to move to Detroit.  please keep us in your prayers.  one of the biggest changes will be the re-introduction of seasons in our life, which also means shoveling snow.

our friend, Billy, aka the Wrestler from downtown Detroit, sent me this encouragement of how seasons can be harnessed and appreciated as the gift they can be. 

Winter's a time for our energy to retreat from the leaves, waving to everyone, and return to our innermost, our root system.

When it's sunny, we feel compelled to be outside 
and guilty if we are not. 

When it is cold outside we feel compelled to be inside, 
and crazy if we are not. 

There is something to be said for the balance of the seasons. Sure cold and dark can be sad and lonely, but it can also be reflective, cozy, familial, and honest. 

I've come to a place of not fighting the seasons. when its muggy, I submit to stickiness. When it's cold, I gravitate around the warmth of home, I stop trying to be something I'm not. I work with time (and not against it) and in the process, gain from its power.

WRESTLE is an ongoing, collaborative story of a wrestler's preparation to face the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places on eight mile in Detroit. His journey will culminate in a match taking place on May 28th at 3:02 pm 2016. As the match approaches the wrestler is being trained by four coaches experienced in physical and spiritual wrestling. The training program will gain direction from the WRESTLE community. Training partners are anyone willing to contribute their thoughts, prayers, time, artistic expressions and talents as material to be used as the wrestler prepares.

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  1. Oh Matthew...we really don't have to shovel snow that much ...most winters are mild.depends on El Niño .We seem to dodge,the bullet due to the Great Lakes ! Which by the way Michigan has more coastline than Ca...and its fresh water !
    Thanks for helping shovel when you are here..
    Changing of the seasons..Spring my favorite...when everything pops up in my garden or on the array of colors in the trees...
    Praying for the move home 💗 Michigan is a great place to live !
    Billy's event on May 28... Could you send more info😍