Thursday, May 26, 2016

Is Pink Skin Better? Who Decided That?

(today's post comes from Christina Davillier, someone I had the honor of teaching and learning from in New Orleans years ago, someone who is still teaching me today.)

This video is really sad and depressing and unfortunately a world wide view of darker or just browner skin. You don't have to be extremely dark to be seen the same way.  And people wonder, why the low self esteem?

How can a woman who isn't white feel attractive or beautiful? She can't even date whoever she wants and be found attractive by any man, it has to be one type of man and even those men will find the latter more attractive. In one way your self esteem might survive longer being single. This starts in young ages and sticks with people for life and the ones it doesn't have any affect on don't care nor do they try to wise up and make some sort of difference.

It makes me wonder if the parents are only buying White dolls or if its just simply society and what we all see on TV.  Or what is happening in schools.  Like how do these kids, black or white, get those thoughts automatically in their minds at such a young age?

Men, don't believe the movies. This what we look like when we first wake up in the morning lol. Greasy face, no make up, and lion's mane lol. This is what all Barbie dolls should like. Normal people lol.
A few months after Hurricane Katrina

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