Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Table Setters Needs Your Support!

Come to the Table. 
Share at the Table.  Stay at the Table.

Come Back to the Table. 

We are asking for financial support for our 2017 launch. We need to support our families as we build the components and create opportunities for schools and churches who otherwise would not be able to afford our visit, workshops, and consulting.

We are also poised to write a book we believe is critically important, but we need real time and space to actually author it:
How is that a 58 year old African-American is friends with a 39 year old European-American? Why is this friendship, filled with love and constant disagreement, important as a model for the type of relationships needed in our country in 2017?

You have been sampling my writing on this blog for almost a year, and you can check out Marvin's at Paid In Full.

The Table Setters is a faith-based non-profit (pending) that produces improved relationships across humanly created racial, socio-economic, political, and religious lines. We combine launch events in churches, schools, and civic institutions with customized plans for ongoing cultural accountability. Diversity training days are never enough. Ongoing relationships that nurture connections and share brokenness, hopes and dreams, can be mutually healing and productive.

Founded through the deep friendship of Marvin Wadlow Jr., an African-American Baby Boomer, and Matthew John Schmitt, a European-American Generation X-er, the Table Setters exist to remember that we are all invited to God's Table through Christ, with none of us over or under-welcomed. Both founders lament that though Jesus shares stories and parables through setting a variety of tables across cultures and classes, most of our country, including Christians, have a hard time stepping outside their zip codes. The Table Setters believe that reality is greater understood when we fully appreciate differences across the divisions of humankind, and we aim to start a movement of courageous and ongoing Table Setting: individuals, businesses, and congregations who are willing to continually meet with "the others.” We are called to mutually learn, question, and share experiences in vulnerable storytelling that ultimately moves us towards making better decisions together.

How YOUR Giving will Matter to The Table Setters Launch:

$100 - Covers Lyft rides to and from airports
$500 - Covers our internet connection for one year as we create social media content
$1000 - Covers airfare for Matthew & Marvin to visit schools or churches with limited budgets
$4000 - Covers the costs associated with Marvin & Matthew to offer a workshop series
$6000 - Affords us each one month to write, research, and develop our book concept in 2017.

Simply click DONATE to make your tax-deductible contribution, or mail a check to:

The Table Setters
c/o Dan Selock
70 Sandy Point
Goreville, IL 62939

Peace by peace by peace,
Matthew, Marvin, Dan, Susie, Darcie and all the future Table Setters who will be impacted by this launch......

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