Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dear Little Egypt

dear Little Egypt:

next Martin Luther King day I will think of you

in Marion
in Carbondale
in Colp

 the battle in Selma still marches in your direction.

your pharaoh is a crafty one
 his pyramid in pieces, the stones on every porch beneath every confederate flag.

but stones are only mountains as molehills
and mountains can be moved
and pharaohs are very old
and earth moves under our feet
and could you feel a rumble of hope?

stories at the table have always been
the light battling the dark
the winter giving way to springtime

the rosebud now swells
before his backdrop of so many greens
so very many greens

1 comment:

  1. Writing poetry again....remembering your students at FCW 's poems and what an awesome L.A. Teacher you were...and are ! 💗