Thursday, May 19, 2016

I Am Going to the Polls, I Have a Voice

Dear Matthew,

It is being so many years since I came to this country.
I came here for help.
My aunt, Graciela Rangel, met Nancy the founder of The Hollywood Urban Project [now DOOR Los Angeles]
She told Nancy her story and Nancy took a stand.
She had good heart and said, "They are here, let's help them, here."
She knew we could not go back without help.
You work with them now.  They are from all over the world.
And Many of them do not have a voice.
I have a voice now.  I remember Nancy saying, "you will be the bridge,"
but I will say let's help them here first.
They need a lot of help.

I am going to the polls. I made my decision 22 years ago.
I did not have a voice nor peace.  Now I have both.
We must pray for peace in this world, but in order to pray, we must have
peace in our mind and hearts.  I came for justice.  I got God's justice,
and justice by the law, but we need justice for all. 

You are white, and I am both; Indian and white and black, too.
Obama has deported many Hispanics. Some were good, and some were bad.
There so many of us here, but we cannot go back.  We have been replaced.
People go places you know.  Technology is here. "All the Places You'll Go'';
Jennifer Whitman gave me that book. 

We need to walk through the non-prejudice door.
Nobody has ever done that. We need social justice for all. 

I am going to the polls.

Maria Isabel Tinoco Alejandre

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