Thursday, July 28, 2016

On the Road: Michelle of Holly Springs, NC #DismantlingWhiteousness

Right about the time we most needed it, as my wife and daughters and I were starting to emotionally fray, we made it to North Carolina, where our friends the McCrazies (not their real name, but real to us) are living.  Years ago, Michelle and her husband Will were part of a small-group newlywed accountability fellowship with Darcie and I, and we all have shared many tables together with tough, vulnerable talks.  We pulled into their driveway, they helped us unload, and the next morning said: you two need a little time, we'll take care of the kids.

Which was a huge blessing, as Michelle and Will have four kids of their own, and regularly watch another boy from the neighborhood who's Zimbabwean father is managing multiple business endeavors (and also bringing them eggs and corn regularly).  It was a real piece of the Beloved community to me, and it truly recharged our spirits.

Before we left, Michelle sat down to share her thoughts on neighbors and on remembering that Jesus commands us to love, and to listen to everyone's stories.

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  1. Yes Jesis commands us to love...our neighbors...all His children ! We all need to love more 💗