Thursday, July 7, 2016

This. Is. Not. Okay. -by Bethany McKinney Fox

Now interrupting the video blog project to bring you this: Bethany McKinney Fox is a longtime friend who is fed up at the lack of concern for our brothers and sisters who are getting killed, unjustly. I am with her 100 PERCENT. Also, her call for more conversations: 1000% yes, and it's why Marvin and I are launching the Table Setters. Email us here to set up a conversation in your hometown.

This is not okay. We cannot abide this. Alton Sterling. Philando Castile. I am deeply sad and angry. AT THE SAME TIME, I am sad and angry as someone who, when I leave the house to drive to work today having found out yesterday I have a burned out brake light on one side, even in light of last night's events, I am ZERO PERCENT more worried about my personal safety. When my husband leaves the house today, even with his big fro, the events of the last two days have increased my fear for his safety by ZERO PERCENT. This is not the same for our Black sisters and brothers, who my heart breaks for and with. I cannot begin to comprehend the depth of pain and fear and anger and trauma that community is having to live with EVERY DAY.

But White people, we have GOT to get it together with our white sisters and brothers. We need to keep/start having those uncomfortable conversations with our family members and all those other white people we'd rather just keep it smooth with. People are dying in part because we aren't finding ways to have these honest conversations and do the uncomfortable and long and tiring work though this stuff with other white people. But I think we can put up with discomfort since other people are losing their lives. If you have ideas for ways we can create spaces where white folks can have these conversations together and walk through the defensiveness and fear and all the other things that keep our white sisters and brothers from fully joining the beloved community, I am with you and want to help facilitate that. If you are a white person and feel like your instinct is to side with other white folks, and you don't get why people are angry and you don't see the injustice in what is happening - please message me and I would love to meet with you and hear you out and talk through things with you and share my perspective on it too.

This is not okay. We cannot abide this.

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