Friday, July 15, 2016

On the Road: Provocative Statements from Texas #DismantlingWhiteousness

On our road trip from Denver to New Orleans (just arrived!), we drove through Texas. It takes a long time to drive through Texas. Thankfully, we stopped and visited some folks who had amazing things to share in this ongoing discussion:

My aunt, Jeanmarie Theine, currently living in Austin but who's heart is always in Hawaii.  We met at the Magnolia Cafe on Congress Street where and Jeanmarie spoke eloquently about the islands where people with pink skin are not the majority, and further, how that has truly been a gift in her life.  However, not all white people have the kind of patience needed to share, to listen, or to take turns.


Further east down I-10 at Abdallah's Lebanese Bakery, Pastor Alex Lee-Cornell of St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church in Houston, answers this question: who are the modern day Samaritans?  Alex surprised me by saying that one clearly despised group by many Christians today are none other than the racists of our country.  Do we have the courage to love them too?  (Alex was one of the earliest Dwellers at DOOR Los Angeles through the PCUSA's Young Adult Volunteer program while I was the director.)

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