Friday, July 15, 2016

I Stand With #BlackLivesMatter

The problem with racism in this country is not a problem of people of color. The biggest problem is Whiteousness.  I stand in support of #BlackLivesMatter as a white, straight-ish, Christian, male. I am not, nor will I ever be outright anti-cop, but I am certainly against systems that unjustly favor the powerful and the armed over the unarmed and unwealthy. I believe this to be a posture in line with following Jesus. I pray that those who feel threatened by #BlackLivesMatter and worry that all cops are under attack would realize that we actually have the same enemy: the idolization and glorification of an American way of life that is not intended for all of us. I pray that cops and people of color, that you and that me, could loosen the same chains, together. The enemy is Whiteousness.  Period.


+Matthew John Schmitt @matthewjschmitt

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