Friday, July 22, 2016

Birmingham to Selma to Montgomery

A break from the videos for a moment:

Today was a reverent day about US Civil Rights: from Birmingham to Selma to Montgomery to LaGrange, GA. We teach our girls because it deeply matters; because civil rights activists and prophets were not glorified in their own days, but had insults and stones and ropes thrown at them; because it is good to wonder if the same dynamic is at play towards the majority of the #BlackLivesMatter activists; because 4 little girls not much older than my own were killed at their Sunday School and the responsible terrorists were known and free for most of their lives afterwards; because most of C & R's best friends will have to have talks with their parents that we may never have to have, unless we choose to. We trace these stories and these journeys and commit to doing all we can to turn the arc of history towards justice. It is an act of following Jesus.

This country is great because we can peacefully fight for change. May God guide our next steps, together.

Say their names: Addie Mae, Cynthia, Carole, and Denise

peace by peace by peace,

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