Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Love of Black Culture, but not of Black People

So much history at these last BET awards.....without any further ado from me, I implore you to watch both of these clips with this in mind: are you, like I know I have been, also guilty of loving black culture more than you love black bodies, black human beings?

First: please listen to this entire speech by Jesse Williams: (hard to get the video because of Viacom issues, but if listening is not enough (and you really need to see the responses), click here where you can also see the problematic tweets from Justin Timberlake)

Second: please watch this entire performance by Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar:

Lastly, as a Christian, when Jesse says "the hereafter is a hustle," I am not worried for his soul.   For centuries, Christians have misused the Bible to justify their own gain at the expense of others. We do it today, we did it during the Jim Crow era, we did it during this country's founding and building. And moreover, it was happening in the days of Jesus walking the earth. The Pharisees were misusing sacred texts to hold onto their own power and status. The hereafter, when it is used to placate and manipulate peoples who are taken advantage of, is not Heaven. It is a distortion of the Kingdom of God.

Here, here, Jesse, Kendrick, and Beyonce.  We will play these for the girls when they get up.

peace by peace by peace....


  1. Culture is secondary. People should be above culture which is far from reality

    more on blacks on blackplanet

    1. hmm, culture is a part of how we've been raised, how we've been taught to see the world, how we've been blessed with family (if it is not an abusive family.) I see great value in that, as long as we don't fall into competitive attitudes and assert one culture more valuable than another.