Sunday, June 26, 2016

grace. finally.

My music name is mathyu djän, pronounced like my real name, broken into the roots of how to say it.  when I was seven, I learned how to pray through improvisational piano playing at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church in Michigan.  that's when I first felt the Spirit of Christ moving.

today, we said goodbye to our church family at Hollywood Presbyterian Church.  this piece was my prayer-filled thanksgiving, today.

at root of #DismantlingWhiteousness is a deep, deep, soul that is much deeper than any veneer.  It's getting back to the grace of who we all, actually, are.  God's.

Be well, Hollywood.  Until we come back,

peace by peace

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  1. So happy and so sad hard for you to say good by...and so happy for me that you are coming home ! So many good memories ....