Friday, June 17, 2016

Conciliation before Reconciliation

Mission statement changed! I have spent the entire week visiting and listening to pastors and community members of downtown Detroit, the most racially segregated city in our nation. One pastor told me, "this word you say, reconciliation, implies that there was once racial harmony in this nation. But you and I know that there was not."

Point taken, deeply. His church had a sign that says "Analyze Less, Cry Out More."

I cry out for the day when we realize how serious Jesus is about loving our neighbors, every single one of them.

New mission statement:

I aim to celebrate how being loved on by people of color has literally saved my life, time and time again. Lamenting Anglo-America's fragility or aggressive avoidance of racial injustice, I write, and compile, from a Jesus-following perspective towards ongoing Conciliation between races (no lasting harmony, yet, so we can't re-concile). This is not anti-white people, but anti-Whiteousness: against the concept that white ideas, norms, and people are superior.

Peace by peace,


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  1. Thanks for the racial dot map....did not know Detroit was the most racially segregated city in the US of A !