Sunday, March 4, 2018

#AntiRacismForLent Week 2: Communication

This week, we focus on communication, how white people tend to "other-ize" people they deem as not white, or not "normal."  A friend sent me this Key & Peele video, imagining a black teacher in a mostly white classroom, mispronouncing all the students' names.  I definitely remember hearing painful stories of my African-American and Vietnamese-American students in New Orleans' reporting to me that various white substitute teachers had butchered names like Geraldnisha, Deshondalisa, Troychelle, and many others, and even would say insulting things like, "why couldn't your parents have just given you normal names??"  This was certainly made to honor that struggle.

How do I, how do you, treat people that do not pass as white like they are "other," like they are "not normal?"

And, continuing on with our repenting of racism work for Lent, here were this weeks' posts:

#AntiRacismForLent is being facilitated by Maddie Joy​, Luke Arthur​, Lauren Grubaugh​, Daniel Russell​, Matthew John Schmitt​, Meggie Anderson-Sandoval​ and Lydia Lockhart​ as sparked by an idea from Andre Henry​. We invite you to join us in action and in conversation. Keep up with the daily habits of justice on the #RepentingOfRacism For Lent Facebook page, linked above.

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