Saturday, March 31, 2018

#AntiRacismForLent 2018 Final Week

It's been a challenge and an honor that Andre Henry asked a bunch of white Christians to educate other white people about the specter of systemic racism for Lent.  You can see the entire project here: Repenting Of Racism For Lent.  Our final post is below, in the form of a conversation between collaborators Luke, Maddie, and myself:

And I'll close with this: on Good Friday, Darcie and I took our daughters to the Prison Creative Arts Project's Annual Exhibit of Art by Michigan Prisoners. PCAP's mission is to bring those impacted by the justice system and the University of Michigan Community into artistic collaboration for mutual learning and growth.  This was a foundational program in my life, and it's something I look forward to every year.

Reflect on Jesus’ habit of spending time with the unheard and unvalued, the marginalized. I confess that one of my strongest lessons on who Jesus is came from a lifer named Levi many years ago, who I wrote about in the launch post of this very blog, and many times since....

I invite you to listen with your eyes and your heart.

Just Human (A Portrait Study), by Payaso  
I Need to Breath, by Sara Ylen 
Prisoner On a Field of Flowers, by Oliger Merko

Better Times Self Portrait 1980, by Cory Hill 

Imaginary Celo, by Oliger Merko

Mindtricks, by Sludge

One Of A Kind, by Susan Brown

Time to Bloom, by Susan Brown 

Painting His Way Home, by Martin Vargas

Erasures, by Yusef Quavo

Stigma, by Nicole Kipfmiller

Prison Life, by Oil City Choppers

A Life Tougher Than Normal, by JAE

My Entire Prison Closet, by Jillybean

Will You Stop For This, by Spyder

Father and Daughter Time, by Curtis Chase

Face of a Nation, by Tran 

The Bridge of Peace, by Free Ray Gray

Boxer’s Dreams Deferred, by Hoodybraids

God’s Love, by Jason Stafford

The Artistic Drive Personified, by Bryan Picken

Sarayu, by Sara Ylen

Harlem, by Tommy Curtis Owens

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