Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Friends of European Descent with skin the same color as mine: Andre Henry wondered, amidst his Facebook community, if white people might take on the task of educating other white folks about undoing systemic and overt racism: why it matters that we do this, what kinds of attitudes to work on adopting, and tangible steps that can be taken. For the next 40 days, several colleagues from seminary and I will be devoting time to this challenge, calling it #RepentingOfRacism and #AntiRacismForLent.

We very much hope you engage, attempt, question, wrestle, pray, and open your hearts to actively fighting the impacts of ongoing racism in your consciousness, in your conversations, in your financial decisions, in your choices of entertainment, in the moments you find yourself where you know something is just wrong.

樂樂樂 I wonder if I know any white people that would take on the following challenge for Lent. Every day for 40 days,...
Posted by Andre Henry on Saturday, February 10, 2018

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