Saturday, August 12, 2017

Take "Our" Country Back

Fulfill the promise of [45] and take "our" country back, says David Duke today..... 

Who do you know he means when he's using "we" and "our" and "America?" It doesn't look like our America. I'm using our in a different way...

This is nothing new, this is as old and as American as apple pie. And, those of us who see the country as more than just a white man's promised land need to speak up, need to resist, need to fight back.

Sometimes, when I use the term #Whiteousness, I am talking about the subtle ways people defer to #Whiteness being preferable, being the standard to measure against, and that white people have all the best ideas for everything...

But sometimes, I'm talking about this. This is the KKK proudly not wearing their masks. They feel like they don't have to hide, because they have a government that is allowing them to gain momentum again.

It all needs to be dismantled. Now. And I call on the churches to wake the hell up and stop signing off, either vocally or silently, on this kind of power and this kind of Hitleresque Voldermorting taking center stage again.

Stand up. Post right. Argue against. Make friends in the midst of the struggle. March if you have legs. Donate to other movements if you have money. Take risks against racism. Sit down and block the way of elitism. We need to do all the things.

#Charlottesville #DismantlingWhiteousness #BlackLivesMatter

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